Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, we had a great Thanksgiving - hope all of you did too. We spent the day with Brenda and Arnie and the girls. Brenda prepared a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving dinner - her first one at home in all these years! - with all the traditional food... turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, biscuits, deviled eggs.... Plus, if you know Brenda AT ALL, you know she also had fantastic desserts - her wonderful cheesecake, adorable homemade cookies, Dutch apple pie and pumpkin pie. We stuffed ourselves with dinner first, then made a run over to Chelsey's apartment, and then back to the house for dessert. We're home now - laying around STUFFED - and tomorrow morning we pack up and head for parts south. We had a great time here but are ready to head to warmer climes.

So - to back track - we left home on Monday, right on schedule, and made good time getting down here. We arrived about 6:30 - in the dark, which we HATE - and got set up. Brenda and Arnie brought pizza out to us, which we really appreciated. After they left we took a walk - in the dark, obviously - but at least we got to move around. It was really pleasant out - probably close to 60 - so it was nice to get out. We are at Buck Creek State Park, which is about halfway between Columbus and Dayton, so it's the perfect location for us. When we got here, there was one other little trailer in the whole park, so we have lots of privacy. The nice thing about that is we were able to let Brandi run free, which is SO good for her - she has a strong "need for speed" and desperately needs to RUN! The only bad thing about the park is there is NO WATER - AT ALL! The bathrooms are closed, as is the dump station, and there are no water outlets anyplace. Since we didn't put water in our tanks when we left, we now have no water at all. Not the end of the world, for sure, but we're having to use bottled water to flush the toilet (so, obviously, Dave is using the great outdoors for HIS bathroom!). No big deal, but we learned another valuable lesson - NEVER assume there'll be water at your destination point.

So anyway - on Tuesday Brenda came over about noon and the three of us went into Yellow Springs to do an AVA walk (with Dave biking on his own, just like last year). Before we did that, though, we went a few miles beyond Yellow Springs and visited Tessa at her apartment. It's really cute, but she has a roommate that is in the process of moving out, so she hasn't been able to put "her" touches on it yet - but it'll come around. But she seems really happy and seems to be doing really well on her own. After a visit with her we went back to Yellow Springs and Brenda and I did the AVA walk, which was a VERY nice one (remember - those are usually 10K or 6.6 miles). I haven't actually done an AVA walk since August so I expected to be really tired afterwards (which I was) and really sore the next day (which I wasn't! YAY!). Yellow Springs is SO cute - it's like a quaint "hippy" town with "green" shops and yoga shops and art galleries - just a fun place to walk around. While we did the walk, Dave rode his bike around and then we all met at this nice little bar/restaurant named Peaches and had a meal. Very nice day!

Tuesday was quite pleasant weather, but by Wednesday it was really, REALLY cold so we ended up just going over to Brenda's house for a few hours and taking showers (which felt GREAT!).

So then Thursday - THANKSGIVING. I already talked about our dinner, but also wanted to mention Chelsey's apartment. VERY cute! It's only a studio apartment but she and Ashley have it fixed up so cute and so homey. Chelsey already has all kinds of Christmas decorations up and I can tell she is VERY happy to be on her own and have her own place. Then we drive into Hilliards and looked at the building where Brenda and Arnie are thinking about opening another bakery, but this time with retail also (i.e. they plan to have a customer walk-up counter where they can sell Brenda's cookies, cheesecake, cupcakes, etc., etc.). It is a really cute house in a historic area where the whole main street area is older houses that have been made over into shops and stuff. I think Brenda will do a GREAT business here and I can't wait to see how this unfolds.

So - now that we've done our layover in Columbus, seen the kids and grandkids (which was SO great - look how cute we all look!), and had our Thanksgiving dinner, we are anxious to get started south. Our plan is to leave in the morning, get through Ohio and Kentucky by Friday night, almost as far as Atlanta by Saturday night, and then drive around Atlanta Sunday morning. Since we don't check into our December reservation until the 1st, which is Wednesday, we're planning on spending a few days at Reed Bingham State Park in Adele, Georgia, just north of the Florida state line. Hopefully by our next blog we'll be camped at Reed Bingham enjoying 75 degree weather!

Hope everyone reading this had a great Thanksgiving.

PS - Thank you, Tessa, for taking care of my final exams at ITT so we could get on the road on Monday instead of Tuesday - I really appreciate it!

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