Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

Hope all of you had a great Christmas. As usual, it's so weird for us to be gone over the holiday. But we did join our "orphan" neighbors here in the park for a yummy potluck. There were maybe 40 or so people there so lots of good home-made foods. The park owners did a ham, a turkey, homemade mashed potatoes and turkey gravy - Dave was in heaven. We both ate a lot and then dragged our butts back to the RV. I have been fighting a bit of an infection, so I actually went to bed for the rest of the afternoon while Dave watched a couple of basketball games. Not the BEST Christmas, but on the other hand we remember two years ago when Dave got HORRIBLE food poisoning from eating a whole can of mackerel in oil - YUCK! - and spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day absolutely sicker than sick. I'm just sort of giving up on having a good Christmas while we travel - I just miss being with family too much, so I have to accept that as part of the price to be paid for being on the road for the whole month of December.
We did go to Tony's for a great dinner on Thursday night - I think I mentioned that his clam chowder supposedly won some type of international award two years running. Well... having eaten it now - it is fabulous - SO rich and creamy and flavorful. He also sells it by the quart, the half-gallon and the gallon - plus he will ship it anyplace. I think I'm going to stop in and buy a quart for us before we leave here on Wednesday. Before we went to dinner we took a little drive around the island so Dave could show me the "pink Edsel with Christmas lights" - ok.... See attached picture :-)

On Friday, which was Christmas Eve day, it was very nice - probably mid-60's and very sunny with almost no wind - so we took the kayaks over to the island again. I think this is our third time over there - I'm guessing it's less than a half mile to get there so it's a pretty easy paddle. The last time we were there some people were on the beach and told me that I needed to take the little trail going into the middle of the island - "it's well worth it" they said. So I had already decided that if we got over there one last time, that I would definitely do it. And they were right - there is an old OLD cemetery back there dating back to the early to mid-1800's. This island used to be the original Cedar Key before it was pretty much destroyed by a storm surge. At one point there were about 400 people living there so this must be the cemetery for those people. It was strange to be walking down this completely empty nature path, all overgrown by the jungle, and suddenly enter this clearing and spot an old overgrown cemetery. I spent quite a bit of time just wandering around in there and have attached a couple of pictures. It was a beautiful afternoon for us. For Christmas Eve, we cooked shrimp on the grill and watched "The Christmas Story" (with Ralphie....??) and I called my mom and both my kids.
Today is Sunday and Christmas is now behind me, which I'm kind of glad of. It is COLD today - it topped out at 41 degrees! - so we just took a little road trip into Chiefland and did a little shopping and we also stopped in at Manatee Springs State Park and walked around a little. We camped there for a week last year, so it was kind of fun to just revisit it for a little while. We took Brandi for a walk out on the dock and the boardwalk around the springs, but BOY was it cold! It's so weird how the weather changes so much from day to day. They are predicting mid to high 70's by the weekend. Go figure.

So anyway, we're down to two full days left here on Cedar Key. Then we move down to Crystal River for three days - from the 29th through the 1st - and then we begin to hit the state parks. My next blog will probably be from Crystal River. Keep warm up there in Michigan!

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