Saturday, December 18, 2010

Warming up...finally!

Kind of a quiet week. It's been sunny but pretty chilly - mid-40's to low'50's. (I know, I KNOW, don't even say it!) But for US it IS kind of chilly! We just kind of hung out most of the week. We did go to see the Narnia movie on Sunday, and I went back into Crystal River mid-week for the second of the AVA walks there. We went into Chiefland once and found the National wildlife preserve, but other than that we just didn't do a lot. I think one thing people don't realize is that, when you're gone for four months plus, you can't actually be "ON VACATION" all that time. You can't have an "activity" planned for 120 days. Some days, we just hang out, do laundry, watch the Morning Show, ESPN Update and Dave's soap! We do our exercises, buy groceries, go for walks, pay bills, dump the tanks, etc. Are those days exciting? Obviously not. But on the other hand, the sky is sunny, it's warm compared to Michigan (!), and we are totally relaxed and hanging out in Florida. How bad can it be?

Yesterday finally moved into a warm-up mode, so we put the kayaks into the bayou behind us and paddled around for a couple of hours. It's pretty neat, because there are all these little "islands" - they're not really islands per se but more like mounds of clamshells that have grown to the point that they have little shrubs and stuff growing on them. Some are very tiny, some are quite a bit bigger. It's fun to just paddle around them and look for any signs of life. There's actually a bit of a current running through the middle of the bayou area, plus of course the tides going in and out have a huge impact on when you can go out and when you'd better come back in! There was a little bit of breeze so I came in after two hours and just sat out on the little deck a couple sites over from us and read a book in the sunshine - it was wonderful! After Dave was done kayaking, he went for a bike ride and came back and said "let's go watch the sunset at Coconuts" so we did. Coconuts is turning into our favorate place to just go and hang out. In fact we went there this last Monday and took our pool sticks and played for a couple of hours. (Coconuts has the only two pool tables on the whole island, so that's where you HAVE to go if you want to play pool!). Anyway, we just had a couple drinks and sat out on the deck all by oursevles for an hour and a half and watched the sun go down. Another gorgeous sunset - we're getting almost immune to them because the sunset is pretty much gorgeous every single day! Coconuts is kind of "Key West" cute - it's built out over the water and is very rickety with lots of "junk" for decorations. Nothing matches - the chairs, the tables, the bar stools, etc are all just old and rickety. But it's a fun and comfortable place to hang out, and the people are always really friendly and nice. We always bump into other snowbirds who are thrilled to talk to us about being south instead of north - yesterday we met "Pittsburgh Tom" (that's what he told us to call him).

Anyway, this morning (Saturday) we're headed out on a little road trip for the day. We're going down to Crystal River and Homosassa Springs to look at a bunch of campgrounds/RV resorts. We really like this area but think we might enjoy being just a touch further south where there's just a little more to do. So I went on the internet and found about eight campgrounds for us to check out. So that's our plan for today - I'll let you know how it goes.

Love to all!

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